What is the rudest thing someone said to you during sex? page 1

Mon, Mar 12 2018 22:47
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It was back in my college days (80`s), during one of my very few one night stands. I'd taken a road trip with some friends to visit another friend at his college a couple hours away. Went to a party, met a cute gal, we were both tipsy, and went to her dorm room.

Things went fine for a while, but after 10–15 minutes (of boinking), I guess she just wasn't into it anymore. She didn't want to try anything except missionary. No, she didn't want me to go down on her, etc. I kept plugging away like the little engine who could though.

Finally, she said You can take it out now”!

Most of the time, that would have killed my boner right then & there. But in this occasion, I was only a few strikes away from orgasm, so I just said “wait a second” and completed my goal before complying with her wishes. Go cleaned up and left quickly after that, as the room got suddenly very cold.


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