Wed, Nov 30 2016 3:13
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Could you please explain why the link to Mibogirl / Anna Tatu gallery has been removed? Thanks in advance.

Wed, Nov 30 2016 3:40
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You are trying to use us to promote your site?

Your PICTURES leading to YOUR site?

You do not see a problem with that?



Wed, Nov 30 2016 4:37
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Hi there,

Please start to be cool it would be great. :)

I've registered the username (Mibogirl) in a transparent manner, so you could have skipped the geoIP stuff (was intentional to show I am not hiding).

The websites you list in the various threads are also promoting the same stuff. So if you link to me or them, it won't make a difference for your users.

The only problem I could I see is if the link I provided does not provide any value to your users. It could be that. Or not. That's something 100% acceptable from my point of view. As for the promotion stuff... I have read the rules before posting. It was not prohibited, so I posted.

I can understand your point of view, but frankly even on the Reddit sect there are threads allowing some kind of promotion.

As for Anna Tatu gallery, since I'm also a fan of her, I had thought that it could provide value to your users. There are also rankings / votes on the website, and I hope much more stuff in the future.

It's as you want, and I will respect your decision. I am not a spammer, I am a serious webmaster, since 2002.

Best regards,


PS: also I have posted no image, so what's about the host stuff?



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