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Anita Queen / Alena (ATK-Hairy / KarupsPC)

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Wed, Nov 3 2004 7:43
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Wed, Nov 3 2004 12:34
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Thu, Aug 25 2005 5:02
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This bitch sure has some great tits on her and is one of my all times favourites.  She's also known as Alana on the Asstraffic sites and Alexandria on Bangbros and I have heaps of HC porn of her if you want it. 

Here she is getting tag teamed and taking it up the ass:



And this is her playing with her tits -






Thu, Aug 25 2005 7:52
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She is the famous pornstar Anita Queen
Thu, Aug 25 2005 13:27
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Fri, Dec 9 2005 22:51
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Damn this girl is hot!!

She goes by the names

Alana, Alegra, Alena, Aleksandra, Alexandra, Alexandria, Anita Kuin, Anita Queen, Allegra, Bellissima, Candice, Elis, Priscilla, Verena, (scroll down)


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Tue, Jan 17 2006 15:07
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F****g Great!!!
Looks like many galleries, but there are still many missing from the FemJoy-Verena thread which was deleted yesterday, although the links had not been transferred:

Here is a special rare one never seen in any forum, from her "Style" set:
Which other sets, did she have, I can hear you asking......
Mon, Feb 6 2006 5:11
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she appears regulary in the drunk sex orgy, allwam stuff… i'll find you some…
Tue, Feb 7 2006 9:31
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thanks so much for the name, now we have that:
as anita queen:
alexandra @ bigmouthful:
various appearances:
as alexandria having a shower:
as alana @ asstraffic:
Wed, Feb 22 2006 17:18
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Wed, Mar 1 2006 9:03
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Mon, Mar 20 2006 13:20
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link from jackohearts:

links from björn:
                      "                    "     "      etc.

Tue, Mar 21 2006 11:53
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Fri, Apr 14 2006 10:02
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link from camu in another request:

Wed, Apr 19 2006 16:40
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interesting girl
Sun, Apr 23 2006 13:20
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New free galleries for her set style came out this week:

Highest quality link:
lower quality samples:

Fri, May 19 2006 10:49
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Nearly forgot to post that she was in last weeks FJ-News:


There's something classic about this buxom beauty, as if she were stepping out of a painting by Bodigliani. There's an Italian flair, a renaissance magic, an artisanal power about her looks. She is not only beautiful, she is captivating in the way she is uniquely herself and also representative of a "type" - the exotic dark-haired full-figured goddess.

Haah, what kind of power??? artisanal Smile [:)]

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Thu, Sep 14 2006 3:36
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New free one for her FemJoy-set "Sangre":

By the way - with new model index there, she got her own page with a list of her sets:


P.S.:  Hi jackohearts, can you edit that new gallery-link or any other link with jpg-pictures as first link in your first post in this thread, so that she gets a preview picture??!!?? (Peachy-Tool doesn't work with a video-link, like the one there now...)


Mon, Nov 13 2006 16:29
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Tue, Nov 14 2006 11:19
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Link from a new model directory - she is called Belissima there:
(has covers from MCN + FJ plus more links)

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Thu, Nov 16 2006 14:37
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identified as Alena Chrastinova

she was in the mainstream film "Hostel" in a small (very small?) role

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