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Mon, Feb 1 2010 4:31
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[quote user="NaughtyHamster"]

My request is something that should be very easy, but in reality doesn't seem to exist much at all!  So I'm turning to the Peachy crew for help.

All I'm looking for are busty, black teens.  Where are they?  Yeah, you can go to ATK Exotics, or Karups, and find black girls there, but they all have this--I don't know--scrawny, skanky look to them.  All of the smaller sites seem to offer the same thing.  Is that what guys are looking for in black models?  I hope not, because then I'm out of luck. 

Ideally, I'm hunting down gals who are black, cute, busty, and maybe a little thick.  That's all-- nothing complicated.  But they're no where to be found!

An example would be Zadia from Simonscans:  http://www.simonscans.co.uk/models/244.html

She's really about it.  If I really stretch I could include some other girls, like Gia and Tyra, but they're a little outside the cute teen range.  If I wanted white girls with the same criteria, I could rattle off dozens, like Faith, for instance, who would fit perfectly with one small exception.  [;)

So-- anyone out there looking for the same thing? 



I quite agree, some of these skinny models look distinctly unhealthy.  What the attraction is I have no idea.  But Gia LaShay is a a fabulous example of what a black teen can be:



Wed, Feb 3 2010 1:40
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pic06.jpg pic12.jpg pic04.jpg pic07.jpg pic08.jpg hope these are what you want. If anyone has more i'd appreciate

Sat, Mar 6 2010 18:39
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My favorites, the Jolie Twins.... hot sexy ebony Identical twin sisters... http://www.theappletwins.com/worldsex888.html
Sun, Mar 21 2010 13:52
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does anyone know thin sexy ebony girls?

ty for replays =)

Thu, Mar 25 2010 16:30
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Wed, Apr 7 2010 6:03
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Is there a method of attaching pics? I have thousands of hot ebony pics to share ;)
Sat, Apr 10 2010 3:25
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Amateur Ebony Girls From - True Amateur Models. Drooling



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