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Sun, Aug 6 2006 16:19
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Edited for preview:

I did a search but could not found her. Is she already here ?


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Mon, Aug 7 2006 15:00
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Seems familiar.
There are a few additional from the same set if one scrolls down on the current Karups Private Collection:
There is an ad elsewhere for what seems to be another set.

Fri, Sep 22 2006 2:39
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at the bottom of the page

anal scene

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Mon, Oct 9 2006 10:35
Between the girl's legs :)
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Now I know, I really like girls with beauty spots, and even more when the spot is on their boobs. In Erica's case I like her twice :)
Sun, Oct 29 2006 2:21
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This girl is quite frankly amazing. Trying hard to find her hardcore series previews. Searching in vain so far!
Sun, Oct 29 2006 20:59
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Very nice!
Mon, Oct 30 2006 9:20
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Erica with Kritina. I was unsure it was her at first, but you can tell by the mole on her left brest that it is definitely Erica
Mon, Oct 30 2006 19:40
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Her Dr. Hardcore profile and her Euro Babe Index profile. The Dr Hardcore review of her Karups video sounds amazing, seems like she well likes it up the tradesmans entrance. Tempted to join Karups just for that alone. Is it possible to download videos off that site, or is it just streaming videos? According to this she also goes by the name Edita, but I cant find anything under that alias.
Thu, Nov 2 2006 18:21
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You can download the vids at Karups but its not easy to find a special woman because there is no search tool in the movie section

PS erica is a little bitch (you will agree if you have seen the video)
Fri, Nov 3 2006 2:17
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can't you post the video's here then, then we don't have to search ourselfs
Thu, Nov 16 2006 22:27
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Fri, Nov 17 2006 13:22
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Hardcore set is just fine.....
Sat, Nov 25 2006 0:37
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Spotlight pic of the week! Hope to see some more of that very soon. Is she the next Milli Jay, but with Anal? We can only hope! Love this girl so much!
Sun, Nov 26 2006 2:21
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Sun, Nov 26 2006 3:14
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Tue, Nov 28 2006 3:40
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Never saw that girl before. But she is great!
Wed, Nov 29 2006 14:20
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la mina mas rica!!!!!!!!!!

Wed, Nov 29 2006 14:28
The Netherlands
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Fri, Dec 22 2006 11:45
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holy moly, she is one hot chick!

Has she done any hard core?
Sat, Dec 23 2006 4:02
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Has she done any hard core?
Confused I guess going back and looking at some of the other post would  be too much to ask.

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