Fri, Oct 4 2019 6:51
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Why for some people it means so much and others don't care at all? I am just in search of some interesting opinions on the issue

Fri, Oct 4 2019 14:06
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This is a subjective thing. Nothing special with it

Fri, Oct 4 2019 17:47
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Why do you like one thing and another person likes another? Because tastes differ. Some people are fond of fashion, some like collecting coins, some prefer drone racings or playing video games. I myself love the fashion industry. I try to collect Gucci accessories or their replicas. I read Maurielle Lozario's recommendation, guide about fake things and since I can't afford original ones I see nothing bad at collecting high-quality replicas then.

Sun, Oct 13 2019 8:33
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Fashion can be some form of personal expression. This is the only reason for which I think people find it important.

Thu, Dec 19 2019 1:46
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We all have our personal view about things. This is quite similar because we have fashion and it has some stamps. For example, eyeliners are very popular among girls over the world while this is difficult to do. People usually need to read more information to learn how to do it.


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