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Tue, Jan 10 2006 9:15
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Wed, Jan 11 2006 15:39
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Yesterday peachy-member McBrain found the first free gallery for new model Jacie, from britishcoeds as usual, and started a thread on her:


and two days ago peachy-member h8sh8 found out that Liv already has a forum as Eva from MET and it is this one:

( good work there by h8sh8 as she looks quite a bit different in both photoshoots, but if you look close, you can spot the similiarity, although she seems to have some spots removed in the latter shot...)

Added a link to first free gallery on Jenayas latest set on 01-12-06

Here is a link on Victoria:

same as hosted http://hosted.femjoy.com/galleries/victoria_myway_110431_ini074/

and that longhaired blonde Anke:
Fri, Jan 13 2006 9:36
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Today first set of new model KARINA with 90 pics is published:

Karina by Alexander Gribanov

Tue, Jan 17 2006 4:51
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Yesterday forum on the longhaired blonde Oliana was started:


And also jkerouac discovered an older thread on June - galleries were transfered and old forum locked. So please change bookmarks to new/old one:
and a free gallery to Corinnas last set "real beauty" was found!!

Today the first set of new model Eva-Marie comes from FemJoy:

Eva-Marie by FEMJOY exclusive

And here is another oldie Tanaya:

P.S.: Model for January 18th seems to be Alexandra, who changed from brunette to blonde...
Thu, Jan 19 2006 13:34
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Todays new set at FJ comes from Judy and a bonus set from Marie.

And there was another forum started at peachy's, but it is not very likely that it takes off very much. It is on one-off model Madelia:

But there doesn't seem to be a free gallery around and funky wrote something like he has not seen anything on her! What else can a humble poster like me add...

Tommorow there is going to come the first set by new model Orea:

Orea by FEMJOY exclusive

And sharp-eyed jch1 not only found first free gallery on Eva-Marie, but also realised that she worked before for Just Teen Site as Olya:

Fri, Jan 20 2006 10:43
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Fri, Jan 20 2006 18:58
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Thanks, indyman
I posted it in her thread for you, as she worked for two other sites, her thread has grossed quite some links in a short period of time:

By the way, this sweet-info site has a nice, handy overview on many of the FJ-girls:

Another collection of free FJ-galleries is here:

Another Nastia 'shy' gallery surfaced with slightly different pics:

???but who is she?? Michelle??- no it's April:
her other set here (molds clearly matching):

should be her as Iris was in the same studio, but she looks like this:

P.S.: And now with new model index it is defenite:


Mon, Jan 23 2006 8:57
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Attention - just posted in the JACIE thread (nothing spectacular - just another address for her free gallery) - but it does not show in Request a Teen!!!

In case you are interested - use this link:

seems to be another strange disappearance like this one:

P.S. Update: After a test-post by funky, it is back in the row again!!!??!!

P.P.S: Strange observation - when I opened the Theme of your own forum and looked for this thread it was in the middle of post from yesterday although the last addition was shown as being from Jan-23????!!!???
[wrote this just before my next post after indyman???]

another free one from brit coeds for Julia:

Mon, Jan 23 2006 12:30
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FYI ~ Lots of FemJoy Girls w/HQ Quality 4 U!


I don't know this European site language, but like you, I know how to appreciate beauty!

Tue, Jan 24 2006 19:43
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 indyman1008 wrote:

FYI ~ Lots of FemJoy Girls w/HQ Quality 4 U!

I don't know this European site language, but like you, I know how to appreciate beauty!

I think se=stands for Suede or Sweden, so I will say  tack  to schizo and his swedish friends and  thanks a lot  to you.
Pretty rare stuff there - haven't seen a free gallery for many of the girls there...

Back at FemJoy's they published in the last days new sets with well-known staff members like Kamea, Marie and Julia S. - but today they come up with a new model - please all welcome 18-years old model Ally:

Ally by FEMJOY exclusive

And today indyman started a new forum with one of the links from the swedish site on DORIS:


which makes it now 62 plus_one forums on FemJoy Girls here at peachy's
Wed, Jan 25 2006 5:10
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I love this shot from: http://hosted.femjoy.com/galleries/eva_nudedance_110540_oeh518/www6.php?affid=1047253

Wed, Jan 25 2006 8:26
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Blonde Venus! PLEASE Help find this Beauty, PLEASE!!!


Wed, Jan 25 2006 9:50
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 indyman1008 wrote:Blonde Venus! PLEASE Help find this Beauty, PLEASE!!!

Mmmhmmm, seems to be another case of disappearing thread!!!
Please make a test post, so it is visible in Request a Teen again, just like funky yesterday....

P.S. Ahh forgot it wasn't me, who did the last post in it - so with me doing a test post,  it works again...

Today's find  - haven't got the time to get the name:
[It was Dana and she has a thread...]

P.S. And another fine find Storm [st]Storm [st] :

She is called Valery and I just started a forum on her.
(that makes it 63 FJ-girls plus Marketa)

Alice in gravel land:

 And another free set from blonde Anke:


By the way sweet-info seems to be down right now got to watch that...
[May be they reached the trafic limit  -  no we know why they always  write:  Don't link to our galleries]
Sat, Jan 28 2006 10:09
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 lou2005 wrote:

   Kinga. Must be the girl with the most sets now....
(To keep an overview I collected another one of my setlists in her forum)
She has now 17 sets and 1 video
Next come:
2. Susanna 13 sets and 3 videos
3. Desiree 12 sets
4. Danielle 11 sets
(as of Jan-05-2006)

Let's update this as of Jan-28th,

1. Kinga has now 19 sets and 1 video
2. Desiree     15 sets
3. Susanna   12 sets and 4 videos
4. Danielle
   10 sets 1 Video
5. Sabrina     9 sets
5. Marketa    9 sets
7. Sylvia        8 sets 2 videos
7. Eva            8 sets 2 videos

(and some mistakes corrected.....)

And some more new free gallery (first thought it is Maria - but no):

and official hosted gallery for vista

Tue, Jan 31 2006 12:06
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First free gallery for yesterday's update Granite from Armida:

and now also at the usual places...
and also hosted gallery for "Autumn surf":

A new different Margo set:
also elgalleries has updated its fj series:

After Yanina + Malve updates on 3-Feb daily update is from Mariana
Sun, Feb 5 2006 12:44
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Started today here in Theme-of-your-own the New index on FemJoy Girls with peachy-forums. (And thnx to funky for transferring the thread and for pushing just a little bit for it - without him you would have had to make up with the old one for some more days...)

What can I say - It is now with pictures. And them pics are not all from the FJ model index, because, in some cases, they use images where the girls only show their back to the camera!!!???!!!
The link is here and also in my avatar:

[ One mistake was also just corrected - the Alison link was under the Oliana picture, too - how good  I could  look it up here.... ]

New free ones e.g. for IVETA and her set "Boldness":

and 'official' hosted one:

Sun, Feb 5 2006 15:05
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 lou2005 wrote:Started today here in Theme-of-your-own the New index on FemJoy Girls with peachy-forums. (And thnx to funky for transferring the thread and for pushing just a little bit for it - without him you would have had to make up with the old one for some more days...)

That's an excellent job! Congratulations!

I would like to contribute by offering all my collection-of-links that have been issued at the weekly 'HOSTED GALLERIES' since the beginning. I have collected the codes (110XXX) and girl names for which a 'hosted gallery' has been offered.

By publishing that list ...

  • I offer a way of verifying that you didn't miss anyone ... and
  • At the same time I ask you to tell me if there are 'gaps' in my list

Here we are:

110026 Zhenia (example:http://hosted.femjoy.com/galleries/110026_nvi167/ )
110030 Verena
(example:http://hosted.femjoy.com/galleries/110030_ont281/ )
110038 Danielle (   and so on ...)
110040 Danielle
110044 Marietta
110047 Marietta
110052 Elenia
110062 Nadine
110064 Domenica
110074 Salma
110079 Julia
110086 Maria
110087 Nadya
110092 Oksana
110100 Christina
110103 Christina
110110 Sabrina
110111 Esta
110121 April
110123 Susanna
110125 Susanna
110156 Marketa
110172 Nastya
110173 Uma
110174 Uma
110176 Lily
110197 Sabrina
110207 Michelle & Rebecca
110217 Michelle
110230 Nastya
110235 Nell
110236 Tanaya
110246 Kamea
110258 Alena
110259 Iria
110260 Alena
110261 Susanna
110268 Nika
110269 Kathy
110270 Maria
110272 Iris
110278 Lucy
110284 Susanna
110289 Sian
110295 Nani
110302 Kathy
110311 Iris
110314 Valentina
110318 Neva
110324 Janna
110327 Corinna
110333 Mona
110334 Pamela
110335 Aida
110336 Kinga
110339 Corinna
110347 Oliana
110350 Nara
110356 Lea
110357 Lea
110362 Alice
110363 Alice
110366 Kinga
110368 Desiree
110369 Yanina
110375 Nara
110380 Anya
110385 Yanina
110386 Ani
110394 Solana
110396 Juli
110399 June
110401 Corinna
110402 Lea
110411 Katka
110414 Dana
110416 Lina
110419 Alison
110420 Rita
110431 Victoria
110441 Olivia
110444 Dina
110445 Helena
110446 Yemanja
110448 Alegria
110452 Juli
110453 Jenaya
110454 Aida
110460 Helena
110462 Aida
110465 Elena
110467 Lucie
110468 Oliana
110469 Mila
110472 Desiree
110476 Ani
110477 Katalin
110478 Margo
110482 Corinna
110483 Malvi
110488 Laura
110493 Armida
110500 Eva
110502 Katalin
110504 Margo
110508 Laura
110510 Anke
110511 Helena
110515 Kinga
110516 Laura
110520 June
110521 Sabrina
110522 Kinga
110524 Olivia
110525 Malvi
110527 Elli
110529 Dina
110531 Aida
110537 Lea
110540 Eva
110541 Jenny
110555 June
110574 Corinna
110581 Jenny (and so on ...)
110584 Jacie
(example:http://hosted.femjoy.com/galleries/jacie_mytime_110584_pte785/ )

Sun, Feb 5 2006 20:06
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Thanx for joining the thread, andylo!

Sorry, man, I do not keep that kind of bookmark-collection.
I used to sort them according to girl's names and since I joined peachy's six months ago, I don't bookmark very much anymore...
But here are some kind of collections with similiar order...

 lou2005 wrote:
By the way, this sweet-info site has a nice, handy overview on many of the FJ-girls:

Another collection of free FJ-galleries is here:

and additionally those posts:

By the way, may be you can help me with this gallery, Looked through all the latest updates and also the old 2004/2005 covers at glamour girl archive and could not find a hint. Think it is a Milia set, but not really sure:


Mon, Feb 6 2006 8:28
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New Girl at FemJoy's today with first set of 75 pics - Octavia:

Octavia by FEMJOY exclusive

Mon, Feb 6 2006 10:55
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 lou2005 wrote:

By the way, may be you can help me with this gallery, Looked through all the latest updates and also the old 2004/2005 covers at glamour girl archive and could not find a hint. Think it is a Milia set, but not really sure:


She is Mila ... photos by Valery Anzilov


Tue, Feb 7 2006 10:59
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Yeah, thnx andylo - can't remember that I ever saw that update cover for "Far away", but now it is clear.

Another not too obvious find was today's free gallery from Brit Coeds:

It shows an update from three days ago. Marie in "Nacked"

Took a few minutes till I found out, because it seems they are butt-crazy at FemJoy's. Just like in many pictures in their model index, they like to show the back of the girls representing them or their shoots...:

But back to full frontal nudity - here is the first free gallery for yesterday's new Model Octavia and her 75 pics set "Indi":

P.S. Update on Feb-8th is another Jenny-set...
Thu, Feb 9 2006 7:07
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Another new mode at FJ today GERTI

Gerti by Valery Anzilov

They claim she is 19 years old - good they included that info, because from the picture I would have guessed she is in her early 30's.....

And new newsletter released, besides some Katka pics they also give away two HQ-pics from Octavia:
Enjoy.... while they last (until next newsletter)

Sun, Feb 12 2006 18:53
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Next new model at FJ is tiny-titted Brunette Jacqueline:

Jacquelyn by FEMJOY exclusive

Another two from FJ's archive:


Cecile aka Renata

Tue, Feb 14 2006 22:46
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Wow...Desiree is Enchanting!!!

I don't believe she has been posted so far according to my search.


Wed, Feb 15 2006 17:43
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thnx indyman,
guess you are aware, that she has a thread of her own:
aren't you??

Today two updates at FJ one from Nara and one from Orea!!

And there is a new thread was started at peachy's. For Sundays new girl Jacquelin:


And then I also came accross a gallery with the cute smile of Elenia:

Thu, Feb 16 2006 18:32
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Today new forum on Anke was started and immeadeatly locked again, because it was the 2nd request by Mr.S for today:

New Model today at FemJoys - Evelyn:

Evelyn by Vic Truman

Looks like she is also something for the thread on big pussy lips....
Thu, Feb 16 2006 20:53
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Lou:   Here is your Nara, HQ pictures. Is this Ms Nara you are looking for?



Sat, Feb 18 2006 10:57
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Thanks again, indyman

Did everyone notice that Mona or Monika as she is known at MET announced that she won't model anymore. Few days after publication of her latest FemJoy set, following message was posted in her thread:

 Denik wrote:

Bad news for all Monika's fans :( As you know Monika is from the Czech Republic, Me too :) Yesterday I talked with Monika in our native language. Among others she said me: "Je definitivn√≠ konec s nude fotkama nebo alespon na nekolik let" - "It's definitive end with my nude modeling or at least for several years" Pizza [pi] It means no more Monika's nude photos in near future :(

At least, there are many young and eager models to fill the gap like the busty new one today at FJ - SASKIA:

Saskia by FEMJOY exclusive

Sun, Feb 19 2006 17:13
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This morning peachy-member cassandrova posted new links to the Sasha-from-MET forum and revealed that she also worked for FemJoy as Nathalie:

(which was started more than 7 months ago)

Tomorrow there will be a new model at FJ - Marliece:

Marliece by Stripy Elephant



and Olivia best friends/girlie couple here:

Mona??Danielle??? Julia
( Mona in Confession )http://www.britishcoeds.com/krefa/tenn10_0_bb.htm
(this is Sonya )http://www.britishcoeds.com/sokka/tenn10_0_bb.htm
(doris, but more likely to be Alexandra) http://www.britishcoeds.com/ossa/tenn10_0_bb.htm

Think I will include this overview on domai-girls, because they have quite some FJ-girls there in the meantime or vice versa.
and MET-Art:

Wed, Feb 22 2006 1:06
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Yesterday's new shorthaired model Lisa is the well-known Hillary from MET, who, of course, already has a thread and it is here:

Today another new model at FJ's - Veronika:

Veronika by AZAZEL

First gallery for Saskia surfaced:

and same for Evelyn:

and pretty rare - Domenica:

and dito - the Washer set (did not see it in the set list!!!)
[ Update: It is from 19-APR-2005
no number of photos given]

and Kathy in skybird:

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