Girls pulling their own knickers down

Girls pulling their own knickers down

Wed, Nov 5 2008 4:05
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Anyone have any pictures of girls pulling their own knickers down?

Ideally shots of them being removed from beneath a skirt, but any pics of knickers being taken off (by the girl wearing them) would be welcome

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Wed, Nov 5 2008 4:56
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There are alot of pics like that on the website True Amateur Models.

Here are a few galleries that I could dig up......Big Smile




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Wed, Nov 5 2008 7:46
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Thanks for the quick reply, some nice pics in those links your provide, much appreciated Stick out tongue

Lot of them have the girls pulling ther knickers down along with their shorts/trousers. I'm aiming more for knickers only. Random Google search yielded these two, to give an idea of what I'm looking for:


Girl in shirt pulling knickers down:

Almost nude girl pulling knickers down:


Ideally they would have skirts on. Not as easy as subject as I thought to find pics on (unless I'm just searching for the wrong thing Smile )

Sat, Jan 10 2009 6:24
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