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Kennedy (Cumfiesta)

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Sat, Sep 4 2004 1:16
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Sat, Sep 4 2004 13:31
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apologies if this one is repeated I havent had time to check the previous links..
but enjoy all the same..
Tue, Nov 16 2004 14:32
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look who's there!? kristen? realy... lovely little girl anyhow!
Tue, Dec 14 2004 4:57
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Tue, Dec 14 2004 5:02
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Tue, Mar 1 2005 4:23
United States
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114 Pic Set
Wed, Apr 13 2005 5:41
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Thu, May 5 2005 1:29
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Is there anything new out there?
Mon, Dec 19 2005 19:01
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Sat, Feb 4 2006 4:19
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I'd like to see that vid too.  Is she out of the business?  Haven't seen anything new.
Mon, Feb 13 2006 6:07
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Haven' seen anything new of her for a while, but now i found this, seems new to me:
Mon, Feb 13 2006 6:13
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Here's a small pic from the movie, i couldn't get my previous post edited so:
Wed, Feb 15 2006 15:05
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Tue, Apr 11 2006 8:09
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Does anyone some videos or pics of kennedy to share ? I really love this girl, but I haven't much of her shows. If someone has sexlandgirls or alexsvids file, please, send them !
Wed, Apr 19 2006 3:56
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Mon, May 1 2006 9:34
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25mb, but only a few seconds of Kennedy. Site claims the video was made in 1998.
Fri, Jun 2 2006 17:38
The Netherlands
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I know I got a lot of faves, but Kennedy is surely in my top 10.
especially the CoedeNeedsCash video. I love her simple outfit and even more her hair.
I also got the cumfiesta vid, which is cult! I love the way her face turns red, how she moans and really gets into it. But the way she looked (that awfull hair) in backseatbanger. that was just a pitty!

I am still looking everywhere for her ManHunter vid and the BikiniContestPorn vid as well.

(and ohw yeah, I agree on this thread going to the modelarchive. She's become quite a cult porn figure i.m.o)

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