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Melissa Carey / Traci (ATK-Hairy)

Mon, Jan 3 2005 17:45
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Any other galleries with this curvy goth blonde? I've seen one with a yellow bikini, but don't remeber how I found it.
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Thu, Jun 15 2006 7:00
The Wild Angel
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Do you like her? anyone knows other galleries? please post also comments on her!

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Thu, Jun 15 2006 14:58
The Wild Angel
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Found a new one!!! do you like her guys? please post comments!

Fri, Jun 16 2006 11:21
The Wild Angel
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wow...finally a name... but i prefer her with hairy pissy...more natural...anyone has other sets with hairy pussy?
Fri, Jun 16 2006 23:21
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Her name is Traci.

She appears at ATK Natural & Hairy.

Here's a few more links to Traci on this page:


Sun, Jun 18 2006 16:30
The Wild Angel
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Found a new one...i am in love with her...!

Sun, Jun 18 2006 19:49
Billy Joe Jim Bob
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Tue, Jun 20 2006 15:59
The Wild Angel
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yeah!! she's absolutely amazing!

Wed, Jun 21 2006 10:12
The Wild Angel
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i found her under the name melissa on have a look...:


she's shaved.... but still hot...with that tits make me crazy!!!!!

Thu, Jun 22 2006 9:39
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Wow. What happened to her?
Thu, Jun 22 2006 9:43
The Wild Angel
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i don't know...i can't find anything else 'bout her... keep searching guys!!!she's too lovely..there must be other galleries out there!!!
Thu, Jun 22 2006 19:13
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Okay, so here's a few more of her with bush, posing as Traci for ATK.  I love this chick with bush so much.  Somewhere I have seen a series of her pregnant and hairy and sitting on the toilet.  I used to be a member of ATK and she pees on there.  I wish I could find it.  Anyway, I love her ass.  Here, enjoy.  Some repeat, but new pics in every set, I think.

Fri, Jun 23 2006 2:45
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Fri, Jun 23 2006 6:49
The Wild Angel
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Great!!! thanks maxxx!!! let's find the pregnant and the pee sets!!!
Fri, Jun 23 2006 18:31
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Here's 2 with possible repeats but some new, I think.


And here's one on the toilet but no pee.


Maybe I'm wrong about seeing her pregnant, but I swear I did.  Still really want to see this chick pee again.


Fri, Jun 23 2006 20:41
The Wild Angel
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yeah.. me too... i wan that galleries!


Wed, Oct 4 2006 3:28
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Sat, Oct 21 2006 9:41
Moscow, Russia
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Sat, Feb 24 2007 14:57
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Thu, Jul 5 2007 17:49
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Hey I just joined cause I am interested in this girl I can only find the pics so far on this forum I read that people have seen pics of her pissing or pregnant I think that is probably true as I think I can recall seeing these pictures.

If anyone has these picture or more fresh pics could they please post them

Sun, Mar 2 2008 13:42
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