Now we're Fast! - thumbs loaded from CDN

Tue, Dec 9 2014 10:28
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PeachyForum (and Peachy18) now use CDN (content distribution network)

=> images should load blazing fast from servers near you!
For example: If you're from UK, the images will be cached for 2 days and loaded from servers at UK.

Question: All the thumbnails have stopped to load since the begin of December 2014
Answer: Maybe your ad-blocker is blocking our CDN domain name, Add that domain to safe-list.

Question: I add a new post, the forum generates an image. Then I edit the post, but the image doesn't update.
Answer: That might be because of the CDN. You might just need to wait, the image will appear later (let us know if you'll notice how long it takes?)


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