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Mon, May 23 2005 0:31
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 preview added later:

Following up on an earlier promise, here is a rendering of the Pavlina/Pavla/Paula thread's links. 

The problem has been:
1. The thread was mistitled (the name of a Karups lass of no relation or remblance), then
2. the picture link of the first post was broken (more a problem when the thread was mistitled), and
3. one of the only pictures in the text of the thread was of someone of no relation to the thread itself. 

Given that new links turn up all the time, and there seems to be *some* interest, I have pulled together what I could find.  I have tested all the links below, and the worked at the time of this posting. Given the breadth of the work represented here, and unique qualities of Pavlina herself, I would think that Pavlina deserves at least a position on the 'top requests' pages. 

Bike series
[there was another set from this series posted in the earlier thread - now down - sorry]

black dress / red flower bra with toys series

blue flower dress series
[which is the same as]

wicker series

red stockings series

club seventeen with sea wallpaper backdrop series

flower bikini with toys series

white mesh blouse / grey tweed skirt page(same green stripe room)series

white blouse / strawberry pantsseries

white blouse / grey skirt series - ah, it just went down.

pale yellow / green stripe room / pink stockings series   [many clones of this page] [clone]

yellow blouse and jean skirt series

yellow top and yellow dress

yellow shirt / doggie backdrop (as "Esther") series

ping-pong padde series [different than above]

antique pistol series

eurobabe index page

misc. - from sets not seen

x-rated dreamstash bed series [scroll down to pavla]

x-rated outdoor snow series

x-rated - in case anyone ever gets a club seventeen account

Any more? 

Mon, May 23 2005 3:37
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Excellent work Reggie! Thanks.


Fri, Sep 16 2005 1:28
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Over time, more Paula/Pavla/Pavlina's have come up.   Can't seem to find them all.  However, here are selections from two sets:

Club 17-

couldn't find the index for these any more so here are a few pictures from a paula&pavlina love fest (the two pavlina's together!):
Mon, Sep 19 2005 2:01
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A few new and old pictures from the yellow shirt / doggie backdrop (as "Esther") series -

Btw.  While paula/pavla/pavlina hasn't made it to 'Top Requests' here-abouts, she has made it to the top banner of many 'club seventeen' sites, and other 'teen' sites. For example, in a gallery that features someone else -


Mon, Sep 19 2005 3:15
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Club seventeen sea wallpaper backdrop series (Esther) with some new variations - only on the top of the page -

Mon, May 1 2006 10:35
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More of the wicker series.

Thu, May 11 2006 3:17
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Hi loko, look here and you will find more about this nice russin babe

Name: Pavlina K.
AKA: Paula, Pavlina, Sandy, Pavla, Vika, Vikka
Birthdate: ?
Birthplace: ?
Measurements: 34B-24-34
Height: 5'7" (170 cm)
Weight: 114
Hair Color: Brown
Eye Color: Brown
Tattoos: none
Piercings: none

Model Classification
Type: Model/Pornstar
Nudes? Yes
B/G? Yes
G/G? Yes

some pics from me

Tue, Oct 10 2006 14:14
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Here is a different solo set with her not posted before - doing table tennis... 



Sun, Nov 30 2008 23:16
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 so great to see this girl isn't forgotten.


here's a link to the white blouse/grey skirt set...the older one doesn't work's to more!

Fri, Oct 23 2009 15:47
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Mon, May 10 2010 16:15
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Mon, May 10 2010 16:16
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Tue, Jul 6 2010 10:33
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Readily available hardcore on DVD - Fucking Hot Chics 2; Snow Teens
Sun, Jul 25 2010 18:38
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Thanks to all contributors - she's one of my favorites. I have several hardcore sets watermarked Does anyone know if these have video as well? I would gladly pay for a membership to get these videos, but I'm not seeing any evidence that they exist, and I can't remember from when i was a member before. Thanks!
Wed, Aug 4 2010 23:40
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Tue, Nov 8 2011 20:36
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Wed, Apr 9 2014 23:07
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IMAGE SEARCH   ===================   links!!

could someone tell me who is she? thanks



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