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Wed, Aug 18 2010 21:44
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  • NEW!!  Post your links in 1 combined post i.s.o. a new one every few minutes.
  • Collect your links to one post. Then use "Edit"-button to add those links to your original post
  • Do not post private and personal details of the models, such as names, profession etc
  • No copyrighted material (stolen/warez/tor rents/direct link etc)
  • No useless posts like "bookmarked" or "bumped"
  • Use seach-tool before requesting - maybe the teen/celeb/theme already has a thread? (help)
  • No workarounds to banned sites
  • Only one girl/request and one request/day. The subject should be her name (if you know it) and her site, like "Renata (Karup)"
  • We prefer links to galleries and not direct hotlinks. However, if a model needs identification, attach an image.
  • If you asked an existing a girl/celeb/theme, your thread will be locked
  • Locked

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