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Mon, Aug 21 2000 16:09
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Tawnee Stone

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Tue, Oct 5 2004 21:36
Posts 671
i posted that along time ago, funny as shit!:

Wed, Oct 6 2004 3:24
Posts 4,255
i posted that along time ago, funny as shit!:

i find tawnee just so freaken boring now.. but hey.. there are people out there who like her.. thats fine..
Thu, Oct 7 2004 10:25
Posts 53
Ta very much. A class tune indeed.
Sun, Nov 21 2004 18:23
Posts 2
Now that I have your attention - I just became aware of Tawnee a few weeks ago.  I guess the questions of how long she can continue to be boring ar answered by the many people who just find her.  I knew she had to be at least 21 because some of her pics are dated 2001.  I haven't seen any older.  When did pictures of her first show up on the net?

I, too have been looking for some hard core.  I was intrigued by the pictures showing her holding a cock and blowing it.  I guess this is from the series with her boyfriend and the cheerleader outfit.  I don't have these - only seen the thumbnals.  Anyone got a link?

I did some P2P searches and got several movie clips.  Most were misnamed, but one (actually 4 clips from the same movie, I think) which appears to be homemade a la Paris Hilton shows her and her presumed boyfriend going down on each other and then some straight sex.  Strangely, he pulls out his dick and shoots on her stomach like they used to do in the '70's porn films.

Another Portion of a film, which is heavily edited, shows Tawnee with an older guy.  Well, 30's, which may not be much older than her.  This is not homemade and someone else is running the camera.  It starts with a 69 scene, then he finglers her from behind.  There are scenes of missionary position sex with her legs pulled way up and doggy stylr.  It ends with the aftermath of a facial, with him running his finger around her cummed face. 

I found this last film to be totally out of character with what Lightspeed does.  Anyone familiar with this?  Any comments?
Mon, Nov 22 2004 16:43
Posts 9
I've seen all of the 'so called' Tawnee hardcore videos and nowhere on any of them does it actually show any penetration. She gives some guy a blow job and does an average 69. Then does her starfish impression while some limp dick dork lays on her and pretends to be fucking her. You dont ever see a cumshot either, the fake cum just magically appears on her face. As others have posted she used to be cute, but the repetative shots of her and her faked smile is getting old hat.
She needs someone to nail her good and have actual pics of it to get my interest back, the cheescake pics aren't worth the time of day and there's nothing on her website that you can't get off the net for free.
Mon, Nov 22 2004 18:39
Posts 2
Thanks, Wozza.  I had hoped to get the experts to fill me in.  I realized that the scene with the "older" guy IS the one people have seen for a long time.  You're right, other than the 69, it could all be a simulation.  Rather odd, though.  Why go to all that trouble for a simulation.  If you want people to think you're doing it, why not just do it?

The homemade video also does not show penetration, I think because no one is manning th camera.  There is an uncut scene where the guy shoots on her stomach after pulling it out. 
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Tue, Nov 23 2004 1:40
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That can be inerpreted in so many ways, Tawnee has definitly become the
'old stand by' in many ways, boring....No
Tue, Nov 23 2004 1:42
Posts 83
 the 'new' pics with her and Jordan have rejuvinated some interest in her, however, more emphasis is definitly focused on Jordan Capri.
Sun, Jan 2 2005 15:00
Meister 2010
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I´m sorry of this strange topic but I´m interessted in. (sorry @ Tawnee ;) )

Is Tawnee Stone a virgin?

In every gallerie Tawnee never have a thing (Penis or vibrator) in her pussy...

Exist some galleries which disprove my sawn things?

Sorry, I´m a German (I can´t English very well)

Meister 2010
Mon, Jan 3 2005 8:50
Posts 44

Mon, Jan 3 2005 10:37
Meister 2010
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Thx for the picture!

I have found a movie of Tawnee. During the movie he have sex with a men.

Exist more of fucking movies with Tawnee stone like this?:

This Forum is for Discussion only - no galleries here!

Meister 2010
Fri, Jan 7 2005 22:15
yhgtbfk reborn
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Tawnee Stone is a virgin

Tawnee Stone is 18

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They also removed the word gullable from the dictionary
Mon, Jan 10 2005 14:00
Meister 2010
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Do you have any other free movies or galleries, which shows tawnee´s pussy?
Mon, Jan 10 2005 16:37
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"Is Tawnee Stone a virgin?"

LMAO...wow, thx for that...c'mon yo, common sense should tell you that any person who spends as much time in such a sexually orientated atmosphere, odds are, that person is certainly no virgin sexually...speaking of which, how's that working for you? Devil

Try the Monster gallery thread in this forum, usernetbinaries I think is the link, lots of money-honey shots there...is Tawnee Stone a virgin...I'm still lmao...
Sat, Feb 5 2005 17:29
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Hi; first of all, sorry for my bad english; I remember a gallery (taken from a vid; the resolution is low) where Tawnee masturbate herself in a bed of a room with low light; and she ends drinking cum from a condom. I never saw this gallery again; I've searched that pics or vid in her whole site, but don't exists. ¿someone remember this?.

Another question: ¿what's the p2p name of the video file in which Tawnee have sex with her "boyfriend"?; not the well known video with the Limp Bizkit song; I mean the homemade video that someone mentions in the first message of this group. Thanks.

Tue, Feb 8 2005 8:05
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I agree with comments about Tawnee becoming boring and I think it's a real pity. I remember when I first saw her a few years ago I was transfixed, but she rarely makes the most of herself and I put it down to bad art direction. A good photographer can make a world of difference to the way a girl comes across, a good example being Holly from Ron Harris, who aften looks like a pretty ropey slut in other shoots, but with him looks utterly gorgeous (imho).

Tawney has this great arse but rarely makes the most of it. She often looks wooden and the poses are repetitive. As I say, I think a change of photographer and/or the intervention of a good art director could really make a difference. She's still lovely, but she's being sold short. I don't think hc is necessary or even desirable, in her case.
Sun, Feb 13 2005 0:48
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amazing ass, i agree.   less granny panties, though.  they're a bit of a turnoff...
Fri, Aug 26 2005 2:21
Oregon, USA
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Is she still making new stuff?.... by the way check out the song up in the above post .....kinna funny!
Sun, Oct 2 2005 15:01
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Acc.to her site, which isn't the one listed above...., there are a few recent updates of series I didn't see before, But if it's really new stuff.....?

I did miss that soundtrack last year. Better late than never. Nice one!



Thu, Oct 27 2005 15:52
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I dont know where to get a video of Tawnee haveing sex can someone mail me to me the one with her in the cheerleader outfit with a dildo and then the guy comes over or the one with he in the cheer outfit again (the red one and the guy comes over and he blows him)
Mon, May 8 2006 10:58
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I just hope people aren't joining the whole lightspeed thing anymore...  what a rip off!  I don't know about Raimi or Jordan but I'm guessing that Tawnee hasn't modeled in years.  Its so ridiculous that her website keeps posting links to old sets and calling them new pictures...  like I wouldn't notice that I've seen these brand new pictures before?  Don't mind me...  I'm just bitter, the hardcore movie links on her website don't even work...  pathetic.
Tue, Jun 20 2006 23:50
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yeah my other love is tawnee. i just need her and kari together and i'm in nirvana
Wed, Jun 21 2006 14:40
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The link is not working. Im probaly just really bad at this. Can you repost it please. Oh great pics!


Wed, Jun 21 2006 15:07
Milwaukee, WI
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I'm pretty sure you were meant to replace the "@" with "a".  But what do I know, I'm just another perv on here Stick out tongue

Sun, Jun 25 2006 22:38
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Wed, Jul 5 2006 11:21
Sam Bloke
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You can tell she's not comfortable - or interested!

Some stills with the same guy:


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Wed, Jul 5 2006 19:22
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