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Tue, Jun 19 2007 21:53
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First off, I would like to thank those of you who had posted new pics recently. No one had been on in a long time and I was getting worried that I was the only one who syill loved Zuzana. Secondly, I have some good news and bad news regarding videos. The good news is that there are a couple videos of here (RECENTLY 2005). However, they are not very good. I found her in a couple of videos at fmconcepts.us under the name "Sophia Charmont!" I was so excited to see that she was in a couple of videos, but they turned out to be so-so. I bought a DVD for $30 and it turned out to be her and Crystal Klein tied up and struggling to get loose.....that's it......8 minutes of that and I don't even think she was naked. Some people are in to that I guess. There are also 2 more video scenes of her and Crystal on this website and the good news is that you can download them to your ipod for only $8 a piece. But once again, they're not very good. In one, they are both tied up on a bed, struggling to get free just like the other one, BUT in this one SHE'S ACTUALLY NAKED, so that's good. In the other short video her and Crystal suck each others toes for about 12 minutes, so that's cool if you're really into it.....I'm not. But hey, it was at least good to see her moving around instead of stationary huh? I would really love to hear her voice, she doesn't talk in any of these videos, it's weird. Anyway, I figure that I should spread this knowledge because you guys have always helped ME out. If you guys already knew this then I'm sorry, but if not then you MIGHT have a good time with it. Does anyone know if she's done anything lately? Anything new? Keep posting fellas....I'll be searching for more thing on this angel myself because SHE'S SOOOOOOOOO HOT!
Wed, Jun 20 2007 18:24
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Thanks very much for the info, it's certainly appreciated on my part. I have a lot of Zuzana's fmconcepts pictures, but I've not seen any of the video. Certainly sounds disappointing, especially when she's not naked! This bondage kind of stuff does nothing for me really, though the pics are still an interesting diversion in my collection. It's a shame Zuzana hasn't done any more video work, in terms of proper DVDs. But at the same time, I'm kind of glad, because in the main DVDs mean M/F hardcore, and I wouldn't want her to become just another pornstar (though I'd still watch and surely enjoy such scenes!). Better in my personal view to have her video work restricted to solo (as in her web videos at DDF, cheergirls, fatalgirls & topshelfpussy)... maintaining a certain air of innocence Wink Would be great to have some solo or lesbian action in DVD quality though, and without the dubbed music that's all too common. You actually can hear Zuz speak very briefly in her sexcastingvideo (DDF) clip BTW, but that's the only time I know of.

Haven't seen anything new for quite a while, would love to see some new pictures and videos of our beautiful angel!

Wed, Jun 20 2007 20:40
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Where can I find the videos that your talking about (specifically)? Everytime I go to those sites I can't find the videos. Can you send me a link or something, and do I have to pay for them? I did see one short video clips of her with the pink dildo and the trailer for cheergirls. Let me know buddy because I'd really like to see them anyway. I think I read on Crystal Klein's myspace that when she did a shoot with Zuzana that she wanted to do a video too, but Zuzana didn't want to, but don't quote me on that. Furthermore, I feel the same way about your porn idea, but I'd really like to see her do SOMETHING MORE! Do you know if she's done anything lately? Or is she on sabbatical or something?
Sun, Jul 8 2007 13:54
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These are old pics, but it's a set I've not seen before


Sun, Jul 8 2007 16:25
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Excellent, thanks robotron, I haven't seen them either.Worship
Sun, Jul 8 2007 17:04
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Great find, robotron! I've not seen that version of those pics, though I have a couple of other versions.

And that site looks incredible. Loads and loads of rare scans - for free? Horrified Purple Elephant

Tue, Oct 23 2007 13:06
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Off the top of my head I think she did 5 picture sets for DDF and I'm 99% sure they all originally had videos with them but for some reason none of them had sound. They re-did them later on and added some stock music. The only time I've ever heard her speak was on sexcastingvideos (another DDF site) but I don't think she says much more than her name. Topshelfpussy did some vids too (think she was called Kate?) but the sound is just some techno-techno-techno on a tinny stereo in the background.

As for the holy grail that is b/g vids, I think if there were any then a paysite would have fleeched punters for loads of money by now! Seeing as how all b/g sets were pretty much either Maklin and/or Clubseventeen then they would have surfaced by now I think. It's not impossible that they exist - I've seen loads of clubseventeen vids "appear" for picture sets that I didn't even know had a vid to go with them - but believe me, I've looked for 'em and so have a few others.... matadorstuff for definite! ;)

[EDIT] I've just noticed that I've repeated half of what matadorstuff said a few posts above so sorry for recycling it again!
Tue, Oct 23 2007 14:15
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GEEEEZ Robotron, that was a heck of a good find!  Thanks, you rock!
Thu, Oct 25 2007 21:48
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I live on the east coast of the United States about a 6 hour drive from New York City. A popular website that posts escort and escort agencies had a photo of Zuzana and Crystal Klien in New York City from Oct 10 to Oct 25. The listing mentioned that they were European escorts. I did call and they said it was them. I was not going to drive 12 hours to verify. But then again, it could have been a chance to have a good time. Zuzana is beautiful.
Thu, Nov 1 2007 16:39
Hit Man
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every escort service i've ever seen with zuzana showed her in prague and not able to travel to the u.s.  unless she suddenly obtained a passport and visa i'd say it's a fake.  then again, a short plane trip would be worth it just for the outside chance of getting to hit zuzana.  she's a goddess. 

Tue, Nov 6 2007 9:02
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Sat, Nov 10 2007 16:48
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Sat, Nov 17 2007 19:11
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She has some new pictures up at zuzana.com (listed as Sabina).  Is that a boob job?
Mon, Dec 10 2007 11:46
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Mon, Dec 10 2007 17:02
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She has some new pictures up at zuzana.com (listed as Sabina).  Is that a boob job?

Certainly does look like a boob job. Just hope Zuzana's doing that for herself, not because she feels she needs to for her career. Personally I prefer natural tits (as I get the impression most men do) whatever the shape and size... and Zuzana's were already great before!


Not a fake, the site has been going for years, with the models/escorts touring various cities.

Fri, Dec 28 2007 9:11
KV Hammer
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Here are two nice set's I have found of goddess Zuzana



Sat, Feb 9 2008 9:53
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she's hot

Sat, Feb 9 2008 11:48
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Spent 2 hours with her in Amsterdam (well technically Haarlem-something), not sure about the boob job, but I thought they were great. A really nice girl guys, but looks a lot different these days...

I was considering go to Amsterdam to meet her, but never did, I hope someday I will. I hope it was worth the price?
Mon, Feb 11 2008 15:02
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so hot 


Mon, Feb 11 2008 15:49
KV Hammer
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I came acorss this set which I had never seen before.


Pictures go from 1,2,3.....37,38

Mon, Feb 11 2008 19:15
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Amazing find, cheers, best version of this set I've seen Wink

Mon, Feb 11 2008 23:21
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Very nice indeed
Wed, Feb 27 2008 2:03
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One I had a movie of this scene, but I lost it and can't find it again. Angry

Tue, Apr 1 2008 14:46
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Anybody got more on this hottie? she was on karupsha.com and i can't find anything else on her anywhere?

Fri, Apr 4 2008 11:18
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Sat, May 17 2008 12:34
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