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Sun, Jul 8 2007 16:25
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Excellent, thanks robotron, I haven't seen them either.Worship
Sun, Jul 8 2007 17:04
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Great find, robotron! I've not seen that version of those pics, though I have a couple of other versions.

And that site looks incredible. Loads and loads of rare scans - for free? Horrified Purple Elephant

Tue, Oct 23 2007 13:06
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Off the top of my head I think she did 5 picture sets for DDF and I'm 99% sure they all originally had videos with them but for some reason none of them had sound. They re-did them later on and added some stock music. The only time I've ever heard her speak was on sexcastingvideos (another DDF site) but I don't think she says much more than her name. Topshelfpussy did some vids too (think she was called Kate?) but the sound is just some techno-techno-techno on a tinny stereo in the background.

As for the holy grail that is b/g vids, I think if there were any then a paysite would have fleeched punters for loads of money by now! Seeing as how all b/g sets were pretty much either Maklin and/or Clubseventeen then they would have surfaced by now I think. It's not impossible that they exist - I've seen loads of clubseventeen vids "appear" for picture sets that I didn't even know had a vid to go with them - but believe me, I've looked for 'em and so have a few others.... matadorstuff for definite! ;)

[EDIT] I've just noticed that I've repeated half of what matadorstuff said a few posts above so sorry for recycling it again!
Tue, Oct 23 2007 14:15
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GEEEEZ Robotron, that was a heck of a good find!  Thanks, you rock!
Thu, Oct 25 2007 21:48
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I live on the east coast of the United States about a 6 hour drive from New York City. A popular website that posts escort and escort agencies had a photo of Zuzana and Crystal Klien in New York City from Oct 10 to Oct 25. The listing mentioned that they were European escorts. I did call and they said it was them. I was not going to drive 12 hours to verify. But then again, it could have been a chance to have a good time. Zuzana is beautiful.
Thu, Nov 1 2007 16:39
Hit Man
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every escort service i've ever seen with zuzana showed her in prague and not able to travel to the u.s.  unless she suddenly obtained a passport and visa i'd say it's a fake.  then again, a short plane trip would be worth it just for the outside chance of getting to hit zuzana.  she's a goddess. 

Tue, Nov 6 2007 9:02
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Sat, Nov 10 2007 16:48
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Sat, Nov 17 2007 19:11
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She has some new pictures up at zuzana.com (listed as Sabina).  Is that a boob job?
Mon, Dec 10 2007 11:46
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Mon, Dec 10 2007 17:02
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She has some new pictures up at zuzana.com (listed as Sabina).  Is that a boob job?

Certainly does look like a boob job. Just hope Zuzana's doing that for herself, not because she feels she needs to for her career. Personally I prefer natural tits (as I get the impression most men do) whatever the shape and size... and Zuzana's were already great before!


Not a fake, the site has been going for years, with the models/escorts touring various cities.

Sat, Feb 9 2008 9:53
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she's hot

Sat, Feb 9 2008 11:48
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Spent 2 hours with her in Amsterdam (well technically Haarlem-something), not sure about the boob job, but I thought they were great. A really nice girl guys, but looks a lot different these days...

I was considering go to Amsterdam to meet her, but never did, I hope someday I will. I hope it was worth the price?
Mon, Feb 11 2008 15:02
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so hot 


Mon, Feb 11 2008 15:49
KV Hammer
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I came acorss this set which I had never seen before.


Pictures go from 1,2,3.....37,38

Mon, Feb 11 2008 19:15
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Amazing find, cheers, best version of this set I've seen Wink

Mon, Feb 11 2008 23:21
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Very nice indeed
Wed, Feb 27 2008 2:03
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One I had a movie of this scene, but I lost it and can't find it again. Angry

Tue, Apr 1 2008 14:46
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Anybody got more on this hottie? she was on karupsha.com and i can't find anything else on her anywhere?

Sun, May 18 2008 10:08
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nice.  just when i thought i would not see any set i hadn't seen before, we get this set.  thanks.

Mon, Jun 2 2008 15:09
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zuzana used to be my favourite when i was first getting into net porn about 7 years ago. then way before i even found peachy i lost my disc with all the stuff of her i had. i remember there was a vid with her in the kitchen with a blue dildo which was amazing.

 then tonight i saw a pic of her on a random site and i thought i would see what i could find. of course i came here first, and i'm so glad i did! all of you who have posted her stuff are great, i've seen stuff tonight i thought i would never see again, and lots of new stuff too. 

 so massive appreciation to all, if i find anything in my search around the net i'll let you know Thumbs up!

Mon, Jun 2 2008 15:13
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and here you go, credit goes to the peeps who already posted her other galleries from this site though, i wouldn't have found it otherwise:


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